3 A-MAY-zing YA Contemporary Books | Spotlight + Giveaways

Hello! I’ve decided to spotlight some of my favorite YA contemporary releases of the year, which all come out next month in May. I never used to like contemporary books: they would always bore me, and I never really connected to the characters. Recently though, I’ve seen an influx of phenomenal Young Adult contemporary stories with easy-to-relate to characters, extraordinary growth (while frustrating at times), and situations that deal with current issues. With that in mind, here are three that I’m exceedingly excited to see get published soon!

Fun facts:

  • These books have extremely relatable characters that just tug at your heartstrings.
  • These books all release May 2, 2017.
  • These books have been some of my favorite contemporary reads of this year.
  • These books feature superb growth both within a character and with external forces of their lives.
  • I highly recommend all of them, and I can’t wait for their release into the world.
  • So, I have giveaways for each one of them! 1 INTL, 2 US only.


29640839Girl Out Of Water
Author: Laura Silverman
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Get it Here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

First line: “I float in the Pacific Ocean.”

Why was this a-MAY-zing?

From a surfer ready to ride the waves with her friends and a possible budding romance to a family member thrust into responsibility for her younger cousins, Anise goes through tremendous growth in Girl Out Of Water. Somewhat prickly at times due to her situation, Anise has to learn to adjust to the suburban babysitting days of Nebraska, in contrast to her planned summer full of fun at the beach. Throughout it all, she finds a newfound appreciation of family, the surprising escape that skateboarding gives, and a growing attraction with Lincoln, a (super smart and swoony) black skateboarder with one arm that helps Anise adjust to the changes in her life. Anise also has to deal with the possibility that she will become like her mother, always prepared to run away for the next “adventure.” But maybe an adventure of her own will show Anise how the concept of home may not necessarily sit at one particular destination.

Plus points for a road trip scene!

Click to Enter giveaway for A Paperback Finished Copy of This Book (INTL if Book Depository ships to you)



How To Make A Wish
Author: Ashley Herring Blake
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Get it Here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

First lines: “She waits until we’re driving over the bridge to tell me. This is a strategic move.”

Why was this a-MAY-zing?

From an own voices author featuring a bisexual heroine who had to grow up faster than the average teen, How To Make A Wish follows the romance of a talented pianist and passionate ballet dancer as they navigate their respective lives and deal with both love and loss. Reading from the first person perspective of Grace was phenomenal, as we see a painful yet loving relationship (it’s complicated) with her carefree, spirited, and vibrant mother. She also finds love, acceptance, and a sense of escape with a peanut butter-loving, biracial girl Eva who comes after going through the death of her own mother. Both girls are dealing with hardships, and both gravitate towards each other in the midst of the night at a lighthouse. Grace’s character growth throughout this story remains hopeful and positive, all while experiencing the doubts of a new relationship and the pain of having an indifferent mother.

Plus points for sex-positive scenes!

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Author: Riley Redgate
Publisher: Amulet Books
Get it Here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

First line: “Monday morning was the worst possible time to have an existential crisis, I decided on a Monday morning, while having an existential crisis.”

Why was this a-MAY-zing?

Jordan not only figures out the complexities of dressing up as a boy for the semester, but also initiates her own self introspection in regards to her sexuality, gender, and overall character in Noteworthy, all while keeping up the guise in an a capella group. With all-too-real characters that just leap off the page, each of Jordan’s new friends give her the sense of belonging that she’s never had. At the same time, she has to deal with the burdens of financial pressure in her Chinese family, as well as the pressures of her competitive art academy and the way it “prepares” her for the future. You will laugh, tear, and sing with Jordan and the Sharpshooters as this book packs a punch full of acceptance and love at your heart.

Plus points for a Pitch Perfect + Ouran High School Host Club vibe!

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Want more contemporary books releasing in May? Check out my spotlight feature, Be On The Lookout, with book pictures and fan art of When Dimple Met Rishi, which publishes May 30, 2017 over here!

Are you excited for next month? I know I definitely am!


32 thoughts on “3 A-MAY-zing YA Contemporary Books | Spotlight + Giveaways

  1. Yes! I’ve been looking for some amazing YA contemporary recommendations as I’m usually a fantasy girl but I’ve been hearing so much about contemporaries this year and I need to get my hands on some 😄 thanks for sharing your faves!

  2. Such a lovely post! I read and LOVED Noteworthy so, so much, and I’m reaaaally interested in those two other books, especially Girl Out of The Water 😀

  3. So excited! Books are practically the source of life itself! I wish I could enter the Noteworthy and Make A Wish giveaways; if only the UK suddenly was part of the US. Eek, thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to everyone!

  4. As someone who used to rarely ever read contemporaries, I find myself actually looking forward to some, especially this past year and WTH ones that are coming this year. Guess I need some warm fuzzies to balance out all the other books which tend to be murder/mystery/psych, sci-fi/fantasy, etc!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

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