Hello there, weary traveler of the interwebs!

My name is Aila and you pronounce my name eye-la. I’m a college student in Atlanta, Georgia who tries to read whenever she can find the time (and energy). I’ve been in the book community since high school, and it’s always been my solace and my motivation to keep going.

Quick facts:

  • I’m a first-generation Chinese-American student who can speak Mandarin in casual conversation.
  • I’m bisexual, aromantic. I feel most comfortable identifying myself this way, and if you have a problem you’re irrelevant.
  • I LOVE food. From everywhere and anywhere. Even in books. Especially in books.
  • I love drawing and reading whenever I can get the chance. You’ll find my reviews and art on this site!
  • I love interacting with people, so send me a message, comment, or Tweet if you want!

I read books quite quickly, even more so when they’re interesting. I always thought having a blog would be a great idea to rant about display my love of books.


Goodreads | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | YouTube

(Psst! You can also find me at Happy Indulgence as a co-blogger with Jeann and Jenna.)


55 thoughts on “About

  1. calliopethebookgoddess says:

    Omg I just realized that though I follow you on twitter, I wasn’t following your blog! Silly me, I fixed that now. I’m thinking of doing IB next year but i’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the amount of wotk given and the amount of essays and internal assessments or whatever they’re called, but since it’s more writing based I think IB might be bettee for me than AP

  2. Geraldine @ Corralling Books says:

    OH MYGOSH YOU DO THE IB -freaks out-
    Haha, I just finished my IB exams (I’m a November kid xD ) and I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST WITH YOUR UPCOMING EXAMS AND ASSIGNMENTS!! This time in the DP is hectic – but it’ll all pay off in the next six months~!

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  4. theworldisnotagainstme says:

    Oh, you clever blogger, you. Now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot.
    But you really do have an amazing blog. Keep it up.

  5. Zoie says:

    Ooooh you speak Mandarin? That’s so cool! I’m currently learning Mandarin and I’ve FINALLY gotten to the point where I can have a basic conversation with someone in Mandarin. I’d probably be able to get around pretty well if I go to mainland China? 😅 I just found your blog and I love your play on words for the name of your blog! 😋 I can’t wait to read more of your posts! 😊

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