Twitter Cartoon PhotoHello there, weary traveler of the interwebs!

My name is Aila and you pronounce my name eye-la. I’m a college student in Atlanta, Georgia who tries to read whenever she can find the time (and energy). I’ve been in the book community since high school, and it’s always been my solace and my motivation to keep going.

Quick facts:

  • I’m a first-generation Chinese-American student who can speak Mandarin in casual conversation.
  • I’m bisexual, aromantic. I feel most comfortable identifying myself this way, and if you have a problem you’re irrelevant.
  • I LOVE food. From everywhere and anywhere. Even in books. Especially in books.
  • I love drawing and reading whenever I can get the chance. You’ll find my reviews and art on this site!
  • I love interacting with people, so send me a message, comment, or Tweet if you want!

I read books quite quickly, even more so when they’re interesting. I always thought having a blog would be a great idea to rant about display my love of books.

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I used to co-blog at the amazing Happy Indulgence, but no longer do so because of time. Check out their site for more fun!

My lovey blog header, button, and extra little graphics in my posts were designed by Aentee @ Read at Midnight. Definitely check out her blog!

63 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Alia! I just found your blog completely by accident and ahh I love it so much, it’s so beautiful and aesthetic. ❤ Also, it's always nice to meet fellow Asians (I'm a first generation Asian-[European] as well!!) & people who are passionate about food.

    I can't wait to see more of your posts in my Reader 💗💗

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