Top Ten Tuesday (#4)


Top Ten Tuesday is created by The Broke and the Bookish and features top ten lists of different categories.

Top Ten Favorite Heroines from Books:
These gals are feisty, strong, witty, sassy, creative, cunning, savage, sweet, awesome, or all of the above! (If that’s possible.)

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Top Ten Tuesday (#2)

imgTop Ten Tuesday is created by The Broke and the Bookish and features top ten lists of different categories. 

Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books:
It’s going to be things I dislike, guys. Because I have a whole lot of them.

10. Insta-love in the air. 
I think this is pretty much everyone’s pet peeve, but that doesn’t mean that authors stop using it. Oh authors, when will you ever learn? Do you know how cringe-tastic it is when in the first three pages of the book we have a female character pining over her playboy best friend? Or a male character that can’t resist a girl’s eyes the first time they meet? Or even a female character that always loses her breath when looking and/or talking to the male character? Three words: no thank you. 

9. Love triangles… why? Why? Why?
You know, I was thinking the other day: love triangles can’t be triangles unless one of the character is homosexual. See, we have a girl that likes a guy, that likes another girl, that likes the first girl. That would fill out a triangle. But the relationships we see these days are more like angles, or corners. Two girls like one guy or vice versa.
Either way, typically those angles are unecessary, uninteresting, and unamusing. Do you have that little of a life that you pine over two different guys? Do you enjoy leading two guys on at the same time? Can’t you just be clear on which girl you want? I guess they’re supposed to demonstrate undecisiveness and add angst, but this is some angst that is unwelcome here.

8. I-hate-you-I-love-you. 
What about I want you to decide already and stop teasing the poor guy, since it’s usually girls who do this. Is this your excuse for “Look! It’s not insta-love! See, she “hates” him when they first meet!”?? No! No, this does not make it better! It’s annoying, and it makes the main character seem very dumb and indecisive. If this goes on for the majority of the book, then it’s clear that the character is not ready for a relationship! Give it a rest already.

7. Insta-lust is no better than insta-love.
Darn us teenagers and our raging hormones! Her lips are so beautiful and his eyes wax poetry! But no! This is just attraction talking! I don’t actually like them!
Yes, yes you do. We all know you do.
One of the reasons why I dislike insta-love is because it’s – get this! – instant. Why would I not complain about the same thing but with a different concept?

6. When it overtakes the actual plotline because –  hello? Aren’t you trying to save the world or something?
Usually this would happen in some sci-fi or fantasy book where romance is added for a little “spice.” I’m Asian, so you know, spice is my thing. I like some chili peppers, cilantro, basil, cinammon, ginger, pepper, and all that good stuff on my food. But when it completely dominates the main course? That’s when it becomes a problem. Sometimes a book will do that.
The romance will completely dominate all other problems in the book. While our main character’s heart is thumping because she watches a guy take off his shirt, some army is taking over their homeland or the government’s killing the civilians or something.

5. I-don’t-want-to-like-you-because-I-don’t-want-to-ruin-our-friendship thing.
Maybe it’s because I’ve never had extra feelings for good friends of mine, but this is so unrealistic. Isn’t that how becoming partners… work? First you’re friends, then you date, then you marry? (Hopefully in that order.) Why would you think that moving to the next phase of a relationship would “end the friendship”?
Tell me character, why? If you have a good excuse for that, then I’m okay. If not, and you just “don’t want to lose him/her,” then I suggest rethinking your priorities.

4. Forbidden love done wrong.
If you and your soul mate are separated by social class, warring families, or arranged marriage and you are trying to see each other, do it smartly. Don’t try to run away from your families and get married somewhere else, because I doubt the plan will end well. Don’t be obvious in showing attentions if you’re rich and your other half is poor because chances are he’ll end up in jail or something.
If two characters are desperately pining for each despite circumstances, make them think before seeing each other. Weigh the pros and cons, then decide if they really want to see the person, then make a plan without jeopardizing the otherThat’s what you do (in my opinion) if you care about the person.

3. “Love conquers all” motif can be so overused.
I don’t necessarily dislike “love conquers all,” (in fact when it’s done right I’m always gushing about it), but don’t you ever think it happens… too often? I grew up with happy endings, but maturing and aging has kind of opened my eyes that not everything has happy endings and “love conquers all” just became some sort of childhood dream now. Wow that sounded sad.

2. Jealousy stunts.
Note to girls all around (and guys): Don’t try to make someone jealous. Chances are you’ll hurt the guy you’re targeting, the other guy you’re targeting, and probably yourself. Why? Because you are a selfish, petty, brat that needs to reconsider having a relationship while your frontal lobes are in this stage of development. (And if you’re over 25 and they’re developed, then I certainly hope you learn after this.)

1. When you try to make the love triangle work by getting both guys.
Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? It certainly does to me, considering most of the solutions authors write consist of one of them dying along the way. How come this person gets the best of both worlds? Life isn’t Hannah Montanna, no matter how much you try, and thanks authors for raising the false hopes of every lovesick girl out there (including me sometimes). Thanks a lot.

What are some of your pet peeves on romance in books? Comment below so we can rant about it together!