What Happens When You Make Me The Enemy? | Discussion


I guess this isn’t directed towards any book in particular, but the trend of books from loooong ago up to now, in the present day.

I’ve always been a proponent of diverse casts, whether it’s from sexuality to ethnicity in books, but what happens when authors make diverse characters the enemy? Or what about this: POC as the enemy for the white-casted main characters that the book follows? I’ve seen this in highly controversial books in the last year, but I hadn’t truly experienced it until recently. What I want to point out in this post isn’t just how bad or negative it is (those are just adjectives that barely cover the surface of things), but the emotion behind it. How would you feel if your culture was made the enemy of all-things-white? How would you feel if your already marginalized voice was made the enemy of the predominant race in a society that is still subject to racism, despite half a century since attaining equal rights? Continue reading “What Happens When You Make Me The Enemy? | Discussion”

How Should I Categorize This… | A Discussion on Why Labeling Genres Is Important


In regards to the question in the title: maybe the right category, perhaps?

Oftentimes I read books that are advertised as one genre, and are actually another. Or maybe they’re supposed to overlap in genres, yet don’t. I understand that books are marketed to capture the best audience, but I don’t think people realize just how detrimental placing it in the wrong category is. I know that “genre” can be a broad term and in a way, no two genres for one reader are the same for another, but there’s definitely a divisive line that can be seen. And I as a reader am influenced by which categories these books are placed in, and my reading can also be affected by it.

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Why Do I Read? A Discussion On Why YA Is So Important For Young Adults

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I’m a bit of a loner.

I don’t run with any cliques or groups, and I’m not that big of a texter. I find it loads of work to actively seek people out and have conversations with them through the interwebs, and the ones who try to seek me out realize that after a couple days or weeks of conversation. I definitely have friends! I’m surrounded by them, and peers, and good acquaintances. But I don’t run with a crowd, and I never really have. I’ve always been proud of being a “lone wolf,” but that isn’t really a good example of my social life. I’m more like a butterfly, flitting from one flower (or group) to another. There’s no exclusivity, and I mesh with pretty much everyone. Yet, despite being surrounded by great friends and listeners, I still think I’m a loner at times.

It’s not being alone that’s the matter, but being lonely.

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