Music in YA: Book Recommendations Across All Genres!


I adore music so much. I listen to music while doing everything – including writing this post. That’s why I’ve decided to make a book recommendation post with some stories that have music featured in them! I’ve added a “Music Index” for each book to let you guys know how much music is exactly mentioned.

I think music is one of those attributes of books that readers don’t really think about. When I started this list, I didn’t realize how many books I wanted to add until going back and looking through it. And yet, I would still love seeing more books that have a central focus on music!

I’ve created this book list with music that adds in characterization to music that fuels plot development and character growth. It also ranges through all genres, from fantasy to contemporary to scifi to paranormal. 🙂 Some are out, and some will be publishing soon. I try to keep an eclectic list so these books will range from all scopes!

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