Blogger Positivity Campaign: Bloggers I Could Not Live Without

This is the Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by Jillian at Jillian’s Books, where a bunch of us bloggers are dedicated to spreading the good vibes around this blogosphere! Aila here, bringing this week’s prompt: “Bloggers I _____ Without!” (Or something like that haha.)


I was thinking of a topic for this post, and I couldn’t help but realize how so important some bloggers have become for me. Some are ones I’ve spent hours talking to, some are ones that just make my day whenever I see them on my Twitter feed. Either way, all of them have affected me somehow throughout my blogging career and if they suddenly disappeared from the virtual world, I don’t know how I would cope.


It all began with a book trade, and ended in a friendship that I treasure so much. This girl has given me so much advice throughout the months, and has always had an ear open for my rants and ravings. A great person with a great blog, I will never regret doing that book trade months ago.

My co-blogger at Happy Indulgence, Jenna, is freaking awesome. She’s smart as heck and has such witty remarks that they always bring out a grin from me.  Her blog has a sweet and simple design that you just can’t help but click on! So, what are you waiting for?

When Jeann emailed me back saying I would be a potential co-blogger at Happy Indulgence, I was over the MOON. Blogging at Happy Indulgence has introduced me to so many awesome bloggers and blogs alike. Jeann is a freaking sweetheart and not only vlogs, but also blogs about books AND video games. (Talk about talent?) I will never regret submitting that form to co-blog at HI because my interactions with Jenna and Jeann are sometimes the best parts of my day. Seriously, her blog has everything. You need to visit it, like, now.

I remember first interacting with her on a Twitter chat (when I still had time to participate in those, hehe *tear trickles down cheek*) and she was just so kind to me when our conversation got a little deep. I wish we could talk more than we do, but either way, seeing her Twitter updates always make me happy. One day I want to go to Canada to visit her and the other lovely bloggers located up there.

I don’t even remember when I stumbled upon Aentee’s blog, but all I could remember were “DANG, nice graphics!” and “DANG, nice review!” Her blog was basically what inspired me to become so interested in graphic-making for blog posts. Also, I have my current blog graphic thanks to her. Ever since asking her to design a graphic for me (for a real good price, too), more and more people have been drawn it, and I cannot thank her enough. I hope she is having the greatest time in her vacation at Japan.

Originally met at Armchair BEA, I am constantly in awe of how smart Joey is! Not saying everyone else isn’t, but his reviews and discussions have so much depth and substance that it brings me to shame. I love how in-depth he goes on his reviews and it really gives me a good picture of what to expect from the book. His comments are just so, I dunno, sophisticated. (Whereas I can’t even write “I don’t know” properly.) Seriously, can you share some of your brain Joey?

Jasmine is literally the sweetest girl ever, omg. Her blog and graphics are just *two thumbs up* and her personality is *four thumbs up* if that were possible. I love her bubbly personality and let’s not forget those amazing Instagram photos. Reading her posts are like a breath of fresh air and you know how I love breathing. 😉

Another person who I really need to talk to more, Alexandra is just the embodiment of loveliness. In terms of her blog, her Tweets, and herself in general. I just love fangirling with her on Twitter and the interactions we have on there. She’s an example of someone whom I’m just so used to seeing on my Twitter feed, I’m not sure what I would do if she weren’t there. I’m still waiting on that buddy read for you-know-what, girl!

Agent Talina, who is literally full of hearts and giggles and everything sparkly in the world. Her blog may be sassy and dangerous, but it’s the good kind of both. I love all the dedication, hard work, and organization she puts in her projects and her passion for books really oozes out through them. I’m so glad to have met you, Talina, and have been able to work with you on getting the word out for such amazing debut authors for next year.

I love checking out Kit’s Twitter. She’s so great at sharing the love in the book community to not only other bloggers but also authors. Hers was the first blog that’s ever mentioned me just for the sake of it, and I cannot thank her enough for it. It really made my day <3, and I hope I can do the same for many other bloggers in the future. Thank you Kit, and let the pages reign forever.

… And so, so much more. For the sake of not taking up everyone’s time, I limited myself to 10. Either way, I suggest you guys check out all these sweet people and their even sweeter blogs. You won’t regret it!

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It’s weird to think that if I had gotten this prompt a couple of months ago, I would’ve taken hours to think up of ONE name, let alone 10 in a manner of minutes. The bonds I’ve forged throughout my blogging career have taught me to not be ashamed of what I read and what I like. I love interacting with each and every one of my followers on Twitter and blog. It always brings me joy to see that people actually care what I’m thinking (even if you all are just disguising your absolute disgust for me). As someone who is socially awkward and, well, not the best at relationships, you guys’s friendships mean the world for me.


Blogger Positivity Campaign: Letter to a Fictional Character

This is the Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by Jillian at Jillian’s Books, where a bunch of us bloggers are dedicated to spreading the good vibes around this blogosphere! Aila here, bringing this week’s prompt: “Letter to a Fictional Character that Inspired or Helped You!” This character is an oldy but goody – one of the classic ones of my generation that really helped my friends and I while growing up.


Dear Percy Jackson:

I wasn’t going to read you at first, ya know.

It’s true! I remember in fifth grade my friend goes like, “Here, you might like this book,” and I went like, “Cool,” and left it in my room for two weeks. When it got overdue from the library, I decided to quickly read about you to kill time.

Honestly, I had already been an avid reader by that time. You didn’t really affect my love of reading. But what you did was introduce me to the Young Adult genre – and the awesome fandom that comes with it. Researching your fan art, fanfiction, and other stories beyond the pages became my priority. And from there, I found a list of similar books that would forever change my world.

I was never a Harry Potter fan. While some readers were shouting out spell names, I stuck to my Greek mythology (and hung out with the people who read both). Even so, your introduction was what influenced me to become the young adult I am today, and the friendships I made throughout it all. So thank you, Percy Jackson, for sticking with me through thick and thin, in my ever changing environment.

With lots of love,


One of the most amazing things about the PJO world was how I grew up while reading the characters grow (same can be said about HP). Magnus Chase is my age right now, and it accounts for so much relatability with these characters. I love them, and although Rick Riordan likes writing about gods, he’s pretty much one of the gods of writing.

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What character has shaped the way you are today? I’d love to hear about them!

Blogger Positivity Campaign: Things I Want to Gift to the Blogging Community

This is the Blogger Positivity Campaign, hosted by Jillian at Jillian’s Books, where a bunch of us bloggers are dedicated to spreading the good vibes around this blogosphere! Aila here, bringing this week’s prompt: “Things I ________ The Book Blogging Community.” For this one, I’ve decided to give you all hypothetical gifts.

If I could, I would bring them. But for now, let’s stick with the thought of them, shall we?
Here’s the playlist I listened to while compiling this list – hope you guys enjoy while reading!


For all you amazing bloggers, I would (if I could):

  • Travel across the world to personally hand deliver a signed copy of one of your favorite books.
  • Screw that, let’s make it ALL your favorite books. Give me a list of 10 or so and if I would hypothetically get them personalized + signed for you.
  • Sprinkle confetti on you every time your birthday came up.
  • Send cupcakes every other week to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood or when you’ve read a sad book.
  • Send a book every other week (not the cake weeks) to enjoy in the meantime.
  • Shower you with gold and silver glitter when you need someone to believe in you during tough times.
  • Magically transport tissues and comfort foods after you read a book that makes you cry/heart ache.
  • Travel back in time with you so you could reread a favorite book all over again.
  • Telepathically communicate my thoughts about a book JUST BEFORE you buy it in case it’s a book you won’t enjoy.
  • Build little bookstores a block from your house so you can go there and read to your heart’s content.

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And you know why I would do all these things?

Because you deserve it. Because your love of books has touched me, even when I’m surrounded by people who don’t approve of YA literature or reading for fun in general. Your acceptance and generous arms constantly make my heart swell with emotions I never knew I could have. Throughout it all, I have found this blogging community to become my haven. And for that, I thank you and can only want the best for you guys.