Aila Talks | Back in Business!

Hello there!

I hope everyreader has been doing well. A lot has happened since my last post on this beloved blog, which was a little more than a year ago. With the recent pandemic going on and cancellation of most summer plans, I’ve been reading more than ever and wanted to kickstart this blog again (at least for a short while). I love reviewing and reading reviews, and my love for books has never died. As such, I’m happy to be writing again on the blog.

What has happened?

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BookExpo/BookCon Part 1: Tell Me More About New York + Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently come back from a week at New York, and woww was it a fun time. I’ve never been to New York to sightsee on my own, so this was a huge, eye-opening experience. I got to meet up with a lot of friends – both old and new – and eat delicious food that you can’t find anywhere else in America. In this recap, I’ll be splitting my week up to two blog posts – one here and one on Happy Indulgence – and these will subsequently be split up between days. This will also be a fairly specific recap of my own experiences, so please skim if you don’t care about this stuff. Seriously, I won’t blame you. Without further ado, let us begin! Continue reading “BookExpo/BookCon Part 1: Tell Me More About New York + Giveaway!”

Monthly Wrap-Up: Not A Teen Anymore, But A Young Adult?

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing well. I’m currently procrastinating on studying for finals, which is taking place this week and next, by scheduling this review. *whispers* someone help me summon the motivation to get work done for the first time since classes ended

I was asking one of my friends a couple of days ago, “Are we still considered teens?” And her immediate response was “Young adults.” I guess that makes sense (we’re all 19 now), since we’ve passed the point of adult (18 in America), but are still trying to navigate our ways through life. I can’t help but compare that to how we identify actual Young Adult books, whose main characters range from early to late high school. Did we stop becoming Young Adults after going to college or the military or the work force? Because if anything, that really is the time to navigate how us young adults want to live out our lives. And also, so much experimentation! Anyway, I’ll draft up a more elaborate discussion post about this later. Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up: Not A Teen Anymore, But A Young Adult?”

Monthly Wrap-Up: Stress, Stress, Slump, And Stress

Okay everyone, apologies in advance because I really need to get my blog commenting back in the game.

February was a… hectic month for me. I was constantly tired and slept for 2-3 hours multiple nights a week, which was severely unhealthy. In addition, I started eating at the wrong times and eating a lot per meal, which was really not good for my metabolism. Suffice it to say, I’m trying to be more healthy in terms of food and sleep these next five weeks of college (and then summer!).  Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up: Stress, Stress, Slump, And Stress”

January Wrap-Up: I Read 21 Books This Month + Updates From A College Freshman

Hello everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing a wrap-up. The last one I did… was October of 2016. It’s been more than a year! I’m glad to be back though, because I feel like wrap-ups are great ways to kind of organize where you’re at, especially reading-wise. I’m trying to get better on this aspect of my blogging/reading life.


I ended winter break around mid-January and started my second semester of my first year of university! Even though we had the first two days of classes off because of winter (thanks Atlanta weather), I’ve been feeling the stress accumulate since the moment I stepped back on campus. It’s been pretty tough balancing classes, extracurriculars, a new job, and reading/blogging now that I’m back, but hopefully my scheduled posts are enough for the next months! I read a LOT over the break (in case you couldn’t tell).

College is weird because the peer pressure is SO extreme. I recently applied to this club called Consult Your Community because my good sophomore friends were in it, even though the club is business-related and I’m a STEM major. (That interview was sooo nerve-wracking.) I also recently interviewed to become a Sophomore Advisor next year, which is basically like a Resident Advisor but they volunteer to do the work instead of having it as their job. I’m actually pretty excited about this, and helping future first-years! Continue reading “January Wrap-Up: I Read 21 Books This Month + Updates From A College Freshman”

Hiatus: Quick Update and Apologies

Sorry guys for not being active recently. I’ve been reading comments and loving them, but I got back from a Model UN conference recently and have been busy since last weekend.

More importantly, *sighs*, I got into an accident and suffice it to say, it feels like my life became one of those serious Young Adult contemporaries where characters learn a tremendous lesson. It’s been a rough weekend and it will be a rough week and my mind is definitely not on books or blogging. In fact, I picked up a book yesterday to pass the time (as some of this situation is out of my hands now) and felt sick to my stomach. I’m leaving for an impromptu hiatus, but I’ll be missing your voices. I won’t be opening Twitter as well for a while so apologies for not replying.

Hope you guys have a good week. I don’t know how long this will last, but hopefully I’ll be back soon.



What Happens When You Make Me The Enemy? | Discussion


I guess this isn’t directed towards any book in particular, but the trend of books from loooong ago up to now, in the present day.

I’ve always been a proponent of diverse casts, whether it’s from sexuality to ethnicity in books, but what happens when authors make diverse characters the enemy? Or what about this: POC as the enemy for the white-casted main characters that the book follows? I’ve seen this in highly controversial books in the last year, but I hadn’t truly experienced it until recently. What I want to point out in this post isn’t just how bad or negative it is (those are just adjectives that barely cover the surface of things), but the emotion behind it. How would you feel if your culture was made the enemy of all-things-white? How would you feel if your already marginalized voice was made the enemy of the predominant race in a society that is still subject to racism, despite half a century since attaining equal rights? Continue reading “What Happens When You Make Me The Enemy? | Discussion”

Week of Love | Twitter Valentine’s Giveaways + Discussion


Young love, gay love, blind love, platonic love, family love… what’s not to love about love?

For the week of Valentine’s Day, 2/13/17 – 2/18/17, I’ll be doing flash giveaways on Twitter each day for ARC’s of books having to do with love, whether it’s a romantic love or the platonic love between good friends. These are all ARC’s ranging from January to April of 2017, so relatively new books. I’ll update each giveaway Tweet on this post throughout the week! Winners will be drawn after 24 hours of posting, and I’ll send everything out the following week. Best of luck! Continue reading “Week of Love | Twitter Valentine’s Giveaways + Discussion”

Where Do You Put Your Book Swag? An Organized Solution To This Answer!


Binder –
noun. A cover for holding loose sheets of paper, magazines, etc., together.

I use a binder to hold all my swag.

Here’s a list of reasons why it’s extremely efficient, orderly, and easy-on-the-eyes:

  • All your swag is in one place.
  • Binders take much less room than boxes or containers.
  • You can make it like a scrapbook, bringing in aesthetics to enhance these pieces of swag.
  • It’s easy and super fun to decorate! Bring out your artistic elements, guys.
  • You can organize it in however way you want: genre, author, color – it’s all there.
  • It won’t be attacked by pets or kids, as they’re safe and displayed.

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A Close to A Hiatus | But Where Have I Been?

hiatus no

Hey guys!

I’m really happy to be typing this right now. Since going to China and traveling a bit and coming home to America and getting swamped by work, seeing the blog and going on Twitter has gotten me a bit… anxious.

Suffice it to say, I’m well on the path to getting back on track. It’ll probably be a slow and steady transition, though. I just wanted to use this time to give a quick update on where I have been these past months!

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