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Lord Holt Takes A Bride
Author: Vivienne Lorret
Series: The Mating Habits of Scoundrels #1
Release Date: March 31, 2020
Publisher: Avon
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USA Today Bestselling Author Vivienne Lorret launches a charming new trilogy about three debutantes who get more than they bargained for when it comes to the mating habits of scoundrels…

Heiress Winnifred Humphries refuses to marry the odious man her parents have chosen. She’ll marry for love or not at all. But how does a woman know a man truly loves her? Needing answers, she sets out to discover the marriage habits of London’s aristocrats. Yet when her friends kidnap a lord for research, Winn knows they’ve gone too far. Now she’s facing a wickedly handsome scoundrel who wants revenge.

Lord Asher Holt has the perfect plan to free himself of his father’s debts. But when a trio of foolish debutantes abducts him, their scheme ruins everything! Fuming and tied to a chair, Holt overhears that one of them is an heiress. Perhaps he isn’t above a little kidnapping either.

Yet, when the heiress runs away from her own wedding and straight into his waiting carriage, Holt finds himself on an adventure he’ll never forget, falling in love with a woman worth more than any treasure. But will Winn ever believe his heart only desires her… and not her fortune?


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“Perhaps it was just like Asher had once said to her – that with all the rain they’d encounter something was bound to take deep root and blossom, and for them it was love. Simple as that.
It didn’t seem possible, but she grew more content every day. In fact, especially today.”

What a sweet romance! And believe me, the story was super romantic. While I really enjoyed seeing the love bloom between Winn and Asher, I would have to say that this book is a tad on the dramatic side, especially towards the end. Personally, I soaked up the drama with glee. Lorret’s conflicts always center around the characters themselves (really helping with character development), which is why it’s so easy for me to love them, and this time was no different. LORD HOLT TAKES A BRIDE brings readers on an adventure as the two characters run towards (or away from?) their fate.

My heart went out to Winn, who has always been wary of her freckles and weight (which, this cover model clearly did not show as she is described as ‘plump’). Either way, she finds herself getting married to this buffoon who loves his mistress and clearly feels disgusted by her. Her friends and her come up with an idea of escaping such a marriage, and after a bit of hesitation, she ends up running away from her family.

Next we bring in Asher, who I also enjoyed reading about. His father’s debts and greed has always followed him since childhood, and all he wants to do is set out for adventure, away from such a toxic man. However, it’s hard to escape his father, which is how he gets semi-embroiled in Winn’s situation. In an attempt to right a wrong, he ends up being her companion on her escape from her odious marriage, and sparks fly. Romance ensues. I loved their interactions.

Winn starts to love herself for who she is, while Asher finds himself becoming loyal not only to his mother’s memory, but also his own self as well. Both characters learned from each other, while growing along the day. *kisses fingers* My favorite kind of romance. Also, Lorret’s writing just makes me giddy. Asher goes from this kind of guy:

“As far as he was concerned, a man susceptible to falling in love deserved his fate.”

To this:

“Winn’s hair was in complete disarray with yellow shoots of straw sticking out here and there. Sleep crusted her lower lashes and a bit of dried drool sat in the corner of her mouth. And he couldn’t account for it but that overwhelming, foolhardy impulse to kiss her returned.”


Winn also finds a bit of herself, as she escaped from the constraints of her father’s match-making and her mother’s criticisms. Ya girl is free, and here to do whatever she wants. Her clumsiness was super endearing, and I just really enjoyed her carefree ways. I enjoyed how protective Asher was of Winn (especially as she got in trouble some way or another), although I do think his character could have been fleshed out a bit more. There was a reallyyy nice side romance going along with Winn’s parents, that I thought was SO sweet.

Overall, LORD HOLT TAKES A BRIDE was a wonderful introduction to a new historical romance series. After thoroughly loving Lorret’s most recent two books, I’m excited to see where her writing takes us!

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Thank you Avon and Edelweiss for the review copy!

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