Mini-Reviews: The Cutest Contemporary Romances On The Block

Hello everyone! These mini-reviews have been on my backlog for a loooong time. Nevertheless, these books adorable, sweet, and altogether wholesome. Perfect for a day at home or reading on your commute.divider

36307118The Love Experiment
Author: Ainslie Paton
Series: Stubborn Hearts #1
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Can you fall in love in thirty-six questions?
The closest rookie lifestyle writer Derelie Honeywell gets to megastar reporter Jackson Haley is an accidental shoulder brush in The Courier’s elevator. That is, until the love experiment: a study designed to accelerate intimacy using thirty-six questions and four minutes of sustained eye contact.
As far as Derelie is concerned, Jack Haley has always been a man best imagined in his underwear. He’s too intimidating otherwise. But participating in the love experiment is her make-or-break chance. With another round of layoffs looming, Derelie knows holding on to her job means getting the story no matter what. Even when the what is kissing Jack like a maniac.

Jack Haley has zero interest in participating in a clickbait story. He didn’t plan on finding Derelie smart and feisty and being mesmerized by her eyes. He certainly had no intention at all of actually falling in love with her.The conclusion to this experiment? Thirty-six questions might lead to love, but finding the answer to happily-ever-after is a lot more complicated.


I definitely have found a new favorite with Paton’s romance books. The Love Experiment was a flirty and fantastic read that made my heart swoon, laugh, and jump in happiness. The characters, Derelie and Jack, are extremely flawed and lovable. Paton does an amazing job in exploring their characterizations and with their growth. The romance itself is rather a slow burn and I loved every moment of it as well.

Although Jack is regarded as a top-notch investigative reporter, he’s actually quite a shy guy who isn’t so great at being social (and has a cat!). I love how down-to-earth his character was despite being some famous reporter whose picture is on buses and ads. Derelie, on the other hand, writes clickbait articles at the same company. She’s very bubbly and optimistic – almost the complete contrast of Jack. (I adore opposites attract!) Despite the differences, they start falling in love through the “love experiment” she is writing in her column – asking a stranger 36 questions and seeing if they fall in love.

“He was a big city reporting god with his own dinkus and she was a small-town mouse clickbait rookie.”

Their romance had a natural progression that I really enjoyed. Paton’s writing also gets quite sexy but not too spicy, which kept a light air to the story. Her short, structured writing style may take time to get used to as sometimes it gets hard to follow a character’s line of thought, but I really didn’t mind that throughout the story. Told through alternating third-person POV’s, readers get a chance to see the burgeoning feelings from both characters.

““I want your mouth on mine because you astonish me. I want your hands on me because you delight me. I want to hear your voice because you inspire me. I want to smile at you because I’m no longer afraid it might hurt either of us to show you what you make me feel.””

Romantic and heart-lifting, The Love Experiment was such a refreshing read with down-to-earth characters that readers could really empathize with and amazing character growth. Contemporary romance readers should really give this office romance a chance!


Author: Kelly Siskind
Series: One Wild Wish #1
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Running into your one-night stand is a special kind of awkward. Competing against him in a wine tasting contest is delicious torment…
On Rachel’s twenty-seventh birthday, she wishes to finally find a rewarding job. What she doesn’t wish is to drink a boatload of wine, sleep with a tattooed bad boy, and drunk email her boss in one glorious, career-ending move. But the fiasco pushes her to pursue a career inspired by her late father’s love of wine: sommelier.
Unfortunately, she’s competing against her infuriating one-night stand, a man as intoxicating as a Pinot Noir.
Two years ago, Jimmy was set to inherit his family winery. Then it got ripped from his grasp. To close that dark chapter of his life, he plans to win a local sommelier contest and use the press to expose his family’s tainted wines.
Jimmy loves studying the streaks of alcohol that cling to a wineglass, known as the wine’s “legs,” but other shapely legs are stealing his focus. Tantalizing legs. Legs that had wrapped around his waist for one wild night. Jimmy, sadly, has a weakness for legs.
He also hates to lose.
LEGS is a full-length, standalone Smart, Sexy Romantic Comedy with a swoony Happily Ever After. No cheating or cliff-hangers here! Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren, Avery Flynn, Alice Clayton, Emma Chase, and Lauren Blakely.


This was such a refreshing, romantic read to bring me back from a book slump! Legs is cute, witty, and readers will relish it like fine wine. There’s instantaneous chemistry between the leads, Jimmy and Rachel, despite them being total opposites. As y’all know, opposites attract is one of my FAVORITE tropes and Siskind writes it wonderfully. She also weaves their familial dynamics and wonderful friendships nicely into the whole romance, creating a very wholesome and feel-good story that will leave readers with a warm feeling in their chest.

We first meet Rachel during her 27th birthday, where she and her friends wish for something – her specifically finding a steady job. After a super fun, drunken night with Jimmy as a one night stand, she suddenly finds herself without a job (trust me, it’s a funny turn of events), leading her to enter a wine sommelier contest to delve into the wine-making industry – where she meets Jimmy again. The story, their interactions and dialogue, and the narrative is absolutely hilarious without being cringey or too cheesy.

Plus, readers will definitely feel the sparks when reading their banter. And the opposites attract part gets me every time! Jimmy is a rough-and-tumble kind of guy with tattoos and ripped jeans, while Rachel has a coordinated closet and keeps everything organized. Jimmy likes living on the wild side, while Rachel is all about the safe stuff. He’s gruff and a bit closed-off, while she’s a do-gooder who wants to please the people around her. It takes getting to know one another, however, to start healing old wounds and getting a headstart into their future.

I really recommend this story to contemporary romance readers! Rachel and Jimmy’s developing arcs, mistakes, and actions are very justified and easy to relate to. Their love and passion for wine is so wonderful to read about, and sparks fly in their relationship from the start of the book to finish. This light-hearted story gives a lot of rom-com feels that just makes my heart burst with love.


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