Mini-Reviews: Georgina Kincaid Series (Old School Urban Fantasy)

Instead of doing a massive series review for this six book series, I did a super mini review of each book, basically summarizing my thoughts in one rather small paragraph. It’s not often I go on an Urban Fantasy binge, but when I do I usually read a lot in one go. I’m also letting you guys know that the low(er) ratings I’m giving these books isn’t because they’re bad, but because of their sheer predictability. Plus I read this series in two days haha, and I’m not sure if it’s because it was such a mindless read or because it was good-not-great but addicting. Or maybe just my sheer tenacity for binging the series. Either way, take that as you well and let me know if you’ve read these books or thought of reading them!

Georgina Kincaid Series
Author: Richelle Mead
Books: 6 in series
Overall Rating: 3 stars

The Georgina Kincaid series is a collection of six urban fantasy novels written by Richelle Mead. The series is written in a first-person perspective following the main character, Georgina Kincaid, who is a succubus with a heart working at a local book store, Emerald City Books & Cafe.


235718Succubus Blues

While I thought this was a pleasurable, mind-freeing read, it also didn’t really surprise me. The plot was extremely predictable and characters very endearing, even though some of them were cliche. Georgina Kincaid is a woman with lots of secrets and internal conflict, though, and I can’t wait to continue this series to see more of her past, as well as the romantic progression. Despite all her confidence and age and wisdom, sometimes she can still act with fear, which made her really down-to-earth despite being a succubus. Definitely a good, fun pick for a book mindless and enjoyable read.

3 stars

1316617Succubus On Top

I actually really liked the mystery of this, but I feel like it was too easily solved. Instead there is a heightened focus on the romantic line, which was fine but extremely angsty. There’s a forbidden love aspect to it, as the love interest Seth is a human (writer!) and Georgina is a succubus. I also liked the exploration of the twisted romance they have, since they’re not allowed to have sex or else Georgina will drain the guy of his life (good times). Introduction of new characters makes the series continually moving with fun times. It would have been nice to have more details on the antagonist in this one, but hopefully it’ll lead up to something else in the final book.

2 stars

2977487Succubus Dreams

Again, another mystery I really liked and this time developed and explored better than the previous book. The antagonist was also extremely interesting, and it isn’t surprising to see another wave of new characters. (See this pattern for the books I’m talking about.) Even so, it was a fast read with Georgina of course making mistakes and paying for them. Also, on the romantic front: cue miscommunication and doubts. And let’s not forget the fact that Georgina really wants a child but can’t because she’s an immortal being. This is mentioned every book multiple times, so you can see why I’d be a bit tired of it. Anyways, will Georgina get what she wants? Probably, because the author seems like the type to write it in for a nice conclusion in the last book. Did I see that romantic entanglement at the end coming? Not really but I should have because it added enough conflict for another half of the series.

3 stars

5148720Succubus Heat

I might have enjoyed the mystery for this if I could muster up the feelings to get past the frustrations I had with the characters. Okay let me get this straight, if Georgina has sex during a relationship, mostly it’s because of the status quo of being a succubus and she needs that life energy. But this book had full on cheating that, yes, was instrumental in developing the plot and characters but, no, did not make me comfortable. This time, Georgina loses her succubus powers and so is tempted to have sex with Seth, whom she still loves. That would be all fine and dandy, if they both WEREN’T IN RELATIONSHIPS. Like – ??? I know this is Urban Fantasy or whatever, but I found that extremely distasteful and the fact that EVERY TIME Georgina says “I shouldn’t do this”… and does it? Geez woman, get a grip. You’re immortal but can’t even handle this? I get it, love makes us do terrible things. And it’s not like you felt too good about it too. But… I’m not sure, I expected a bit more maturity. Also poor Dante haha, that sad character that never really gets to redeem himself. I hope he gets something in the next books. Anyways, a lot of sex and romance (but is it?) in this book detracted from the story, which really felt like it was in the background despite the importance of it. I mean, it can only go up from here right? RIGHT.

2 stars

6916963Succubus Shadows

Definitely a step up from the previous book. Seth and Georgina are both guilty of what they did and have to suffer with the consequences. I feel like there was a lot less that happened action-wise, but we got to learn more about Georgina and her past, which was pretty awesome to read about. I could really see that she finally is starting to learn, and a lot of things are revealed. There are still mysteries that Mead milks on for the last book, which made it have a very dragged-out feeling. Even so, this book was a rather long setup from what I know will be a satisfying conclusion.

3.5 stars

7802254Succubus Revealed

All our questions get answered towards the beginning of this book – especially the big reveal with why an imp is trying to cover up his mistake with Georgina’s contract with hell. Now, this part was extremely predictable – and when I mean predictable, I mean I guessed it from the first book. However, it was really satisfying to read about and the way Mead weaves it all seamlessly together was very very nice to read about. Going up to this conclusion was definitely worth the overall very lackluster feelings I had for the rest of the book. My biggest issue would have been Seth probably, since the romance and central storyline is revolved around him. It’s one thing to have a beta hero, but another to have him completely incompetent at times, which is what he felt like throughout this whole series. My favorite parts of his is when he yells at people because that’s the most action I get from him, not including when Georgina has sex with him. Overall, this urban fantasy was full of fun and angst and I totally fell into a hole while reading it straight for two days. Georgina wasn’t a unique character but the mystery behind her being a succubus was fun to follow, and overall the ending was just *feels.* Recommended for people who are looking for an Urban Fantasy read with feminine empowerment and great friendships!

4 stars

Overall Rating:


4 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Georgina Kincaid Series (Old School Urban Fantasy)

  1. I really love this series but for some reason it took me years to read the final book. Georgina makes me laugh and Seth was really sweet. I agree about the cheating though. It sort of tainted the characters in my eyes in an irreversible way.

  2. I think we all need to fall into the sexy urban fantasy hole sometimes. I don’t have a Kindle yet, but being able to read the books without showing other members of the public those embarrassing covers is a good enough reason to get one.

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