Week of Love | Twitter Valentine’s Giveaways + Discussion


Young love, gay love, blind love, platonic love, family love… what’s not to love about love?

For the week of Valentine’s Day, 2/13/17 – 2/18/17, I’ll be doing flash giveaways on Twitter each day for ARC’s of books having to do with love, whether it’s a romantic love or the platonic love between good friends. These are all ARC’s ranging from January to April of 2017, so relatively new books. I’ll update each giveaway Tweet on this post throughout the week! Winners will be drawn after 24 hours of posting, and I’ll send everything out the following week. Best of luck!

But first, let’s talk about love. I’ve never been in love with someone romantically – sure, I’ve had the few crushes here and there (mostly on a superficial level, and none lasting more than a week), and of course I appreciate the aesthetic appeal of many beautiful people out there. But to me, Valentine’s Day has been more of a celebration to the many different LOVES out there in the world, past romantic interest. In elementary school I remember we used to have to buy those packets of Valentine cards for EVERYONE in the room. It’s been 10 years, and still I plan to pass out candy or funny Tumblr Valentine’s cards (usually quite punny or within a fandom) to everyone in my acquaintance circle.

Valentine’s Day, on the surface level, seems to be for couples to celebrate, but I like to take advantage of that and give everyone a reminder of how important they are to me in my life. My name “Aila” in Chinese is “ai” (爱) and “le” (乐), which means “love” and “happiness.” It’s always been a goal of mine since childhood to spread the love and joy to the people around me. Sometimes you turn on the news, and it seems like there’s never enough of love – untangled and heartfelt – to go around in the world.

So why don’t you take advantage of this holiday, and spread a little lot of love in your community? The book community has been such an integral part of my life, from learning about how we can learn from our mistakes and grow to the joy of seeing people stand up for others that they’ve never met in real life, all the while supporting and bolstering one another. Past the virtual world, the friendships I’ve made with adults and children alike have been so necessary in me growing as a person who can be the best that I can be. I may not be romantically interested in anyone for this Valentine’s Day, but that isn’t stopping me from showing appreciation to the people who have motivated, strengthened, and encouraged me for these past years.

Oh yeah, and I’m not good with shout-outs. I have the worst memory with these things, so I’d be extremely mortified if I missed out on someone important. But if you’re reading this – you know who you are. If you don’t know, you can assume that I’m giving a shout-out to you. My blog is still relatively small even after a couple of years, but my heart is so big from what I’ve learned and gained through this community. I’m giving a huge hug and “thank you” from the stars and back to you, if you’re reading this.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and be sure to check out our post on our top OTP’s on Happy Indulgence, where I co-blog! ❤



  • US Only
  • Giveaways end after 24 hours
  • Will be sending out books the 2/20/17, next Monday.





Break day! It was my birthday ❤




Do you have any special plans for this Valentine’s Day? How do you feel about it being commercialized as a day for “couples” to celebrate? Do you like the color purple?


8 thoughts on “Week of Love | Twitter Valentine’s Giveaways + Discussion

  1. Jamie @ Books and Ladders says:

    I have been in love, it is overrated. Clearly that is how I feel about Valentine’s Day. But I don’t object to others celebrating or coming together etc etc. I just think the world puts too much emphasis on romantic love and sex and not enough on platonic love and cuddles.

  2. tasya @ the literary huntress says:

    I don’t celebrate valentine’s day with my boyfriend, but I always celebrate it with my friends 😅 I know it’s weird, but we tend to take our friends for granted and focusing ourselves to our significant others, that’s why I always use valentine’s day as a day for my friends 😀 I love all color basically, but for purple I tend to go for the pastel shade, like lavender and lilac 💜

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