Monthly Wrap-Up: I’m Quite Grateful It’s The End of April!


I’m honestly quite satisfied with my schedule for April. I got lots of reviews out, and an amalgam of books read and posts scheduled for the upcoming weeks. I’ll try my best with May, but we’ll see how it goes, considering my exam schedule.


If you’ve seen my semi-hiatus post here, you’ll know that I’ll be a very very busy bee. In fact, right now I’m probably holed up in a study cave with an amalgam of colored pens, fervently studying. This school year has been… surprising, with how much I’ve slacked off. I guess to someone else’s standards it’s fine, but I’m a bit disappointed in myself with how far I’ve tried to reach this school year. (Which isn’t that far, I guess.) Either way, that’ll be changing as I get ready to go to college. I guess I should enjoy life as it is now, right? Carpe diem and all that jazz.

(Btw we watched Dead Poet’s Society in English the other day and I fell in love with the movie all over again.)


  • The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi | Perfect in almost every way. It had luscious writing, the most incredible characters, and a world that I wanted to trap myself in. | 5 stars
  • A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly | Okay, but what’s not to love in a book set during the Prohibition Era, where magic is against the law? We got mobsters, gangs, characters that are on opposite sides of the law, and a scorching romance. | 4 stars
  • Wanderlost by Jen Malone | In this review, I give readers a tour of what to expect when reading this book. While the situation was horribly unrealistic, it still made for a cute summer read with life lessons. | 3 stars
  • The Summer of You & Me | This time, we get transported to a summer at camp! Cute guys on wheelchairs, very very odd use of a certain colloquial phrase, and random conflicts made it a quick, fluffy read. | 3 stars
  • The Wedding Pact by Katee Robert | I need to go back to the first book of this series, but this mafia-type story was not what I had in mind. An annoying main character and plot full of romance rather than action had me a bit disappointed. | 3 stars
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson | HOLY CRAP, every time I think of this book, my heart just wants to burst. It touches on family dynamics, friendships, and young love so beautifully I just want to reread it all over again, despite its length. Definitely one of my fave contemporaries. | 5 stars
  • Letters From A Fictional Life by Kenneth Logan | A very cute read of the journey of a boy coming out, and the letters he writes to people with words he can’t seem to say aloud. The words were very direct, but his attitude made me a bit exasperated. It was a really nice ending though, and the character relationships were quite realistic. | 3 stars
  • The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye | Aka one of my most disappointing reads of this year yet. I had been loving the hell out of it and all the promotion behind it until I actually read the book. In the words of Mana from Book Voyagers, “Everyone was falling in love with everyone else,” and Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts, “WTF IS THIS HOME MAKEOVER SHOW.” Words have never been so accurate to describe a book. | 3 stars
  • Summer of Sloane by Erin L Scheider | As if I’m not already tired of contemporary books set in the summer! What happens when your boyfriend gets your best friend pregnant? Sloane sets out for a summer in Hawaii to rediscover herself, as well as fall in love with a cute surfer guy. For some reason this book is fixated on the concept of cheating and every character either done it, had it done to them, or is accused of doing so. | 3 stars

I also reviewed these books on Happy Indulgence:

  • Stitching Snow by RC Lewis | I actually read it a while ago but really liked it so I did a review. Yes, it’s yet another fairy tale retelling set in space, but it really stands out on its own and is full of feels! | 4 stars
  • Ruined by Amy Tintera | A forgettable fantasy that is a bit reminiscent of the author’s first duology, where the main character completely forgets her tough attitude in favor of falling in love with the love interest. The twist at the end was worth the read though. | 3.5 stars
  • Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes | I’m getting really lucky with contemporaries, because this one also became an all-time-fave. Quirky characters, an awkward but adorable romance, and therapy sessions that will make you laugh out loud. Btw you should totally check out my fanart in that page. | 5 stars






I hope everyone has been reading the raddest books! With the rest of the energy I have left, *hugs*


9 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: I’m Quite Grateful It’s The End of April!

  1. AHH i cant believe The Crown’s Game was such a disappointment for you 😭 i know i was really looking forward to it 😦
    Also – how are you feeling about exams in general? I hope you’re not too stressed! Sending lots of love, Aila 💗

    1. Meep, yes! I’m said I didn’t like The Crown’s Game either haha. But I’m happy that a lot of other people did!

      Exams went on pretty well – better than I expected! I’m just so happy to be done. Thanks for all your support Geraldine! ❤

  2. Good luck with your exams ❤ I know that feeling of being disappointed because you're slacking off, I'm drawning right now and I feel like if I've made a little more efforts this term, now it would be easier for me, but well, I didn't feel like studying AT ALL this semester (It may be because the classes are not my favorite ones)
    Other than that you've put up a lot of reviews and that's awesome ! I hope May we'll be as great of month even with all the hair-pulling stress haha!

  3. Best of luck with school and exams. Once it’s over, I’m sure you’ll feel 100% better! And oh my Goodness, Dead Poet Society is one of my all-time favourite films too! It’s just so incredibly well-acted and timeless – so much love for that film. <33

  4. Oh man now I’m really worried about The Crown’s Game. It is EVERYWHERE right now and if you didn’t like it, I’m nervous that I won’t either. You had such a good reading month in April so I hope the trend continues into May!

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