Projects, Exams, Eye Bags – Oh My! A Semi-Hiatus And Some Updates


Hey guys!

Thanks for listening in on this quick check-in. I’ve been forever grateful for your lovely comments and messages and Tweets, but there’s no escaping the fact that I have to study. A lot.Β 

During the first two weeks of May, I will be nonstop testing and studying. The second will be full of back-to-back tests – and ones that’ll probably demolish my brain cells. I start with AP US History, then a weekend of studying and head straight to AP Biology, two parts of IB Chemistry, two parts of IB Mathematics, a Spanish Oral to ace, and top it off with an AP Language and Composition exam. I’m honestly staring at my planner right now with a heavy heart and heavier shoulders. It really puts into perspective the phrase “High school is the best time of your life.” Because for the past three years of my experience, it really hasn’t been.

Well, enough with that pessimistic news. On the upside, I have bunches of (hopefully) fun posts for you guys to indulge in! Both on the blog, and at Happy Indulgence. πŸ™‚ I’ll probably be late with comments (which I’m super sorry about) ((But I’ve been rather late in general, which again, I’m so sorry and I read each one of them and they fill my heart so much but my life is a wreck)).

So with that announcement in mind, I’ll be taking a small break. You’ll be seeing me passing by on Twitter (probably not often) and seeing posts on the blogs, but I need this time for myself and my academics. May is right around the corner though, and after the long weeks of testing (or whirlwind of weeks, depending how it goes), I get to look forward to summer. SUMMER – aka ALA with you lovelies who will also be attending!

I think I’m going to head back to another practice Chemistry test though – God knows I need to do more of those. I haven’t taken a good selfie in ages because of the stress outlining my face. Bah. (The vain woman in me has died away long before studying for the ACT’s the beginning of this month) ((WHICH OMG GUYS – I got a really good score on! So thanks for your constant support ❀ I’m super satisfied with the outcome))

And now I guess I’m just rambling because I’m trying to procrastinate on my duties. *sighs* Guess it won’t be long until I see the end of the tunnel…

With affection (plus, y’all need to read some awesome books so I can vicariously enjoy reading through you guys),


16 thoughts on “Projects, Exams, Eye Bags – Oh My! A Semi-Hiatus And Some Updates

  1. take all the time you need. i understand what’s happening, because i feel like it will be happening to me too soon (probably at the end of May) ❀️❀️

  2. Oh, man, your life sounds incredibly stressful right now. But you can do it! *Pom poms.*

    I always roll my eyes at the whole “high school is the best time in your life” thing, because it assumes everybody’s life is identical. And, uh, nope. Life’s not like that. (Also, I’d choose the independence and freedom of adulthood to the supervised-and-scheduled-and-graded stresses of high school any day.)

    Looking forward to your future posts, and to hearing how thoroughly you conquered all your tests. πŸ˜€

  3. Take all the time you need! Sometimes you just have to focus on your academics or other aspects of life until there is light at the end of the tunnel again and you can distribute your time more freely. Good luck with everything ❀ we'll be here when you get back πŸ˜€

  4. This time of year is always a busy one, especially with the exams coming up and such so take all the time you need to focus on your academics, we aren’t going anywhere haha. Good luck and remember that summer is just around the corner. πŸ˜€

  5. *GIVES YOU SUPER BIG HUGS* All the best, Aila!! Though you’re as bright as the sun, so I am sure you’ll be fine. But take care of yourself in this superduper stressful time!!

    *sends you all my love and lots of strength* ❀❀❀

  6. goodluck with your tests! exam month is the worst, especially the ones that has back to back test every week! i hope you can study well and ace the tests!

  7. Good luck for everything, Aila! I know High School seems so hard, I’ve been there, but you can do this, you will ace all of your exams and come back full force, once you have more time πŸ™‚ Take your time though, focus on what’s important, and everything will be okay! Good luck for everything, take deep breaths and we all love you and send you positive thoughts in this stressful time ❀

  8. Good luck on your exams! Last week was also exams week for me and it was stressful as heck, but I’m here to prove you that YOU’LL SURVIVE! I’m sending you all the positive thoughts I can!

  9. *HUG* May has come and YOU CAN TACKLE THIS AND COME OUT VICTORIOUS! *gestures with battle-axe standard no.2 pencil* Honestly same, for the calendar department. it’s all red ink with TEST written in nearly every square. Don’t worry– SUMMER IS COMING. Good luck on your AP exams!

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