Your Guide To Being A Successful Pirate: The Girl From Everywhere Release Celebration!


Hi guys!

Some pretty awesome things happened this week. One was the fact that my seventeenth birthday passed on February 16! That was awesome, but what made it more special was the release of AMAZINGLY AMAZING books. One of them was The Girl From Everywhere, a splendiferous book by a simply amazing author, Heidi Heilig. A while back I posted a rap review of it, which was super fun to make.

A couple of us bloggers have decided to create some fun posts relating to the book in celebration of this delightful release. Since the book follows The Temptation, or the ship that Nix’s father is the captain of, I’ve decided to make this post about being a successful pirate. Because of course, my part-time job (when not blogging or going to school) is pillaging the seas. 😉



Know the Tricks of the Trade

You gotta have the right tools and right tricks to really embrace the pirate life, kid. And what are those tools, you may ask?

Well, first, the ones that are given: your hands. You may think that pirates do whatever they want in their free time, but how else are they able to possess the skills and plans to conquer another ship and find the loot? Spend time making your hands swift and light, which will definitely aid in picking pockets. Hey, it’s the small things that count.

Finding your weapon of choice may be difficult since there’s such an amalgam out there. You may be a dagger person, whose quick and steady motions leave deep gashes. Or you may be more ostentatious with a broadsword. Maybe you’re more of the type to use your words as weapons, which can be more scathing than a blade. Either way, keep experimenting to find out which one fits you!

From there on, you learn. You observe. You see what other people are doing, and you figure out how to do it better. Developing a sound technique-base will be paramount to defeating your enemies. Once you establish what kind of strategy is most effective, then you can deal the most damage to your enemies. After all, we’re on the path to conquering each and every person and becoming the king of pirates success.


Curiosity Killed the Cat… But Satisfaction Brought it Back

Pirates are FEARLESS. We’re the ones that ARE feared. And a little bit of curiosity never hurt anyone. Did you hear about a potential mark coming up soon? Then learn more. Learn, and innovate, and attack. There’s a phrase we use ’round here, and it’s to be PROactive rather than REactive. And sonny, us pirates ain’t never gonna back down from a challenge. We’re the ones to charge ahead and take what we want, when we want. If you can’t get that mentality in your head from the start, then you better start drilling it.

Sure, we’ve lost maybe a parrot or hand from barging into a situation too quickly. But you can only learn from your mistakes! And in the end, was it worth it? HELL YES. Make everything you do worth it, matey! Because you’re still alive, and that in and of itself is something to be proud of.


Know Your Maps and Know Your Destinations

Every pirate needs their trusty map and telescope and star chart (optional) right? Otherwise, how will you know where you’re going in the vast, expansive sea? Pirates must have a good idea on the area they’re in at all times and the history and background of it. They must be knowledgeable about the political situation of the area as well, and use that knowledge to decide which ships to pillage and where. Just like sailors need maps to direct them to their destination, Nix’s crew must use maps of different regions and time periods to travel to them.


Don’t Be Afraid to Accept Love When You Find It

Even though we’re all muscular, hardy pirates (with a peg limb here or there), our hearts are big enough to fill the entire ocean. So don’t run away from love if it ever comes your way. Whether it’s that cute shipmate that recently came on the crew, or the captain with the ambiguous gender that warms your heart, or even the stranger by the dockside who gives you tingles, enjoy it while you can. With our occupation, every day is a risk and must be cherished. The words “live like there’s no tomorrow” have never felt so true with this lifestyle, which is why when the opportunity presents itself, never hesitate to take what you want. Life is too short to be afraid of the things that make us happy in the end.


And here you have it! With these steps, you might become a pirate after all. (AND IF YOU DON’T, YOU’RE STILL ONE IN MY HEART.) In the meantime, check out what’s happening to Nix and The Temptation by reading The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig! Because trust me, this is one magical ship whose journey you do not want to miss.

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