Holiday Graphics: List For The Graphics Designer


Sil and Mana from The Book Voyagers are literally the SWEETEST girls ever and pretty new to the blogosphere! The first time I saw their graphics, I fell in love. Seriously, these are some pros over here. I had to get them to talk in this feature, and they were nice enough to agree! 😀 I started with a question, being:

What are some things a new graphics-maker should know when starting out?

Mana: The greatest thing is that you are always evolving. Your style, the way you see things,  can completely change in just a year.  These graphics are just a couple months apart. Cool, huh?

Silvana: It’s okay to do badly at first – I started out doing simple graphics with only text and a texture as the background. With lots of tries and time, I finally started to see my graphics going a little bit better *hah* So it’s only that you try, try, try and you will see results at the end!

I agree with these so much! It’s awesome to see how you progress with graphics, and these lovely gals also have some awesome tips to help you guys continue to evolve.


The To-Do’s and Not To-Do’s:

1. Sharpening – It’s always so hard to get the PERFECT sharpening when starting out so here is something I learned a long time ago when I was just a amateur in the photoshop world.

    Although you are not limited, the best sharpening has always been Smart Sharpen and the best settings have been: (but you can totally fiddle with it for you personally!)


2. Be wary of vibrance, on some cases it gives a great feel/look on pastel graphics, but it also whitewashes. Know when to apply it and you will definitely know.

3.  The Pen tool might just be your best friend when trying to cut out people, objects, etc when a background has too much going on.

4.  The best graphics are creative. Don’t be limited to what tumblr gives you (or any social media for that matter). Remember that whatever you do is beautiful! Don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t come out the way you want it to because chances are you will absolutely, most definitely get better as the years go on. (It took me (Mana) 5 years to get a good style and I’m still learning).

5. Have fun. Creating things is only as fun as you make it to be. When it becomes a chore,  step back and get inspired again.

6. Some basic photoshop tips:

  • When trying to get a person cut out of a picture, zooming in to erase those extra background areas is extremely helpful (zoom about 400%)
  • It’s inevitable that trends start happening and when you want to learn that specific trend, try to do a practice one with a tutorial helping you. It not only helps you on the basic steps but you can add your own flare.
  • EXPLORE THE BLENDING OPTIONS <333 [personal favs for life: multiply and soft light]

7. Also, plagiarism is never, ever fun. If you get inspired, source them! If you want to steal a graphic, don’t, okay? It’s really simple.


About the Bloggers:


The Book Voyagers is a blog focused on the fun of books and reading them. You might see us talking about any type of genre (We love them all!) – and we also like to show our love and support for Diverse Reads.

Mana and Silvana run the blog and these two girls met by mutual friends and decided to work on a blog together because their styles and likes match quite a lot!



3 thoughts on “Holiday Graphics: List For The Graphics Designer

  1. Faith Young says:

    Love this post!
    Whenever I’ve made a graphic I tend to wing everything xD
    I’ll definitely be applying some of these tips to future graphics I make 🙂

    (Also, Aila, you have absolutely GORGEOUS graphics <3)

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