I’m so happy to be sharing my experience of seeing Rick Riordan last Friday with you guys!
After a stressful week of tests (Grr at APUSH and AP Bio) and preparing for tests (Calc and AP Lang), seeing one of my favorite authors was a great way to end it. This was also one of my first author events and I went with people who could actually appreciate my love for books. :’)

To start off, let’s talk about how right after school on Friday we were picked up and got to the event almost 2 hours early. It was at a performing arts high school in Kissimmee, and their auditorium was hugeeeee! Talk about school goals!

 At first we saw Riordan’s publicist and editor come in (Man, I wish I had a job like that!) to talk about posting pictures online and the like. When Riordan finally walked in, the screams were equivalent to a young girl’s screams to seeing One Direction. A little girl behind me wore an “I Love Leo” shirt and had the most piercing scream it hurt my eardrums. But hey, what can I say? It’s not everyday you meet the mythology master.

All of us were captivated by Riordan from beginning to end. In the words of one of my friends who went, “It felt like I would blink and twenty minutes would pass, so I hung onto his every word.” It was definitely a surreal experience, considering Riordan’s books were what introduced me to the fantasy genre in fifth grade, and I never looked back.

You can tell that Riordan has done the presentation many times, but it was still awesome to experience. One of my favorite parts was listening to him speak – his voice matched his writing, and I could pick out the various sarcastic phrases mixed with seriousness that makes his writing and dialogue so unique. In the presentation, we start off with a little background about him and his parents, as well as the years growing up. Probably my favorite slide was of him “finding his Annabeth” – his wife. ❀ The presentation was filled with humorous photos that made him seem all the more human. (Because it’s hard not to think of him as anything other than a writing god when reading his books, in my case.)

 Continuing on was his adult life, where he was a teacher and finally his foray into becoming a famous author. Let me just tell you – I wish I had Riordan as a teacher! His past books were composed of comics, which then led to his interest in mythology. Apparently Riordan had the idea for Magnus Chase even when writing Percy Jackson. But seriously guys, Norse mythology is all sorts of messed up compared to the other gods – making it so much more interesting!

We also looked over the very first book covers that got designed (which make me want to cry) as well as international covers. I think I would pay to get that first German cover in a set because it is just too funny. (Who in the world thought it would work out??)

 We also got to hear about Riordan’s upcoming next series The Trials of Apollo, which comes out during exam season next year! (May 3) While Magnus Chase will be a trilogy, The Trials of Apollo will be a five-book series where every single character from his past books will make a cameo. How awesome is that?

I will be 25 and still reading Riordan books, I swear.

Riordan left 10 minues early (I thought it was an hour event, but he only stayed 50 minutes…) and we all left the huge auditorium to get our signed books!

I honestly thought, when I first heard of the event, that I could bring alllll my books and get them signed. BUT, on his website it says that it’s not worth it because he just breezes by the readers without any substance, so the events are just a presentation and a signed book. I’m not complaining at all! I totally understand where he’s coming from and would much rather see this kind of presentation than a quick signing. πŸ™‚

Also, did I mention that Riordan CALLED on me?!? He asked how many books were published each year and I said a couple million when I raised my hang. *flails* The answer was closer to 300,000 but that’s only in the USA so I still think I’m right internationally. πŸ˜› Also I’m pretty sure he looked at us directly because sometimes we’d be fangirling so hard and… sounds… escaped. Pretty squealy sounds.

The book came in a Camp Half Blood bag with a Magnus Chase shield, which are both in display at my room. Screaming and shrieking ensued. (In the pictures, I’m the enthusiastic one with dramatic poses.)

 Either way, this short yet fun event made my entire month! Afterwards we got Chiptole and visited the Books-A-Million that technically hosted the event. Oh, and fangirled over more books.

Thanks so much for sticking along with this recap! I really hope I get to see more authors in the future and attend more book events. πŸ™‚ This was a pretty eye-opening experience, and a chance to connect to the author in a way that FAQ’s could never replicate. Stay tuned later on for my kind of personal review of The Sword of Summer, the first Magnus Chase book.

Stay chill book lovers. πŸ˜‰ Keep calm and keep reading!


13 thoughts on “FANGIRLING OVER RICK RIORDAN: A Recap on Seeing Him

  1. Aww, you guys look so cute! It must be so amazing to get to see your favorite author D: I haven’t gone to a single signing yet which is a damn shame. There are author signings here but I don’t like how they are organized (messy and chaotic) so I would probably start going to them when they’re organized this way πŸ˜€

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. That’s awesome you went to see him! Also pretty funny it sounded like a One Direction concert (I’ve been to two so I can actually imagine the screams). They do both have the same target audience haha.

  3. Aila! You are so cute! And I am so jealous that you got to meet Rick Riordan! I love his books so much πŸ˜­πŸ’—
    I enjoyed reading every part of this recap! Thank you for sharing! πŸ’ƒ

  4. Ahhh so jealous you got to meet him and that he called on you! That’s super exciting. And whoa! His covers have definitely improved over the years.

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