SBPT #8: Books, Books, and More Books!

If you want more info on this awesome tour check it out here! Basically every Sunday for the summer I’ll be spotlighting a blogger because there are too many cool people out there that YOU need to know about.

Alright guys, we’re getting towards the end of this blog tour. We’ve spent seven weeks learning about awesome bloggers, and this will be the last promo post! Next week will be a wrap-up post, so stay tuned! This week features Bayram from Never Ending Books, in which I give him a book interview from the books he read this year… Here it is!

Favorite book thus far this year?
Hands down Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, I could write an essay on how amazing it is but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she’s using my name in the sequel 😉
Book with best cover this year?
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard wins this category as well, I mean have you seen it?
Book that made you cry this year?
To be honest while a couple made me a little teary, none made me cry yet.
Book that made you laugh the most?
The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker!
Best sequel read this year?
Ensnared by A.G. Howard! You can’t go wrong with this absolutely amazing trilogy and Anita skillfully brings the series to a close with this last book.
Best standalone?
Unless The Glass Arrow is a standalone then I don’t think I’ve read any this year so far.
Book that surprised you the most this year?
I don’t think any books truly surprised me so far this year unless being amazing or horrible counts.
Book that disappointed you the most this year?
The Leveller by Julia Durango, the book sounded and looked great but wow was I wrong. One of the worst books I’ve read in a while and would not recommend to anyone.
Book that makes your heart palpitate when you hear the title?
A Court of Thorns and Roses by S.J. Maas! Not only is it a pretty long name but since it’s a S.J. Maas book you know it’s going to be good.
Best fantasy/paranormal/science fiction book read?
Zodiac by Romina Russell! Not only was the whole premise of the book super unique but it also threw me away with its superb quality.
Best contemporary book read?
Haven’t read any this year yet, I’m not a big contemporary guy 😥
I’d have to say that this one is a toss up between ACOTAR and Truthwitch, both gave me an ocean of feels.
Most anticipated release later this year?
Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, teeeeechnically it comes out at the very beginning of 2016 but it’s one of my anticipated releases for the next couple of months.

Well, Truthwitch was a pretty popular answer for Bayram! Good thing I borrowed an ARC of it, so I get to read it soon, muhaha. That’s a lot of books you can check out from this year!

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