SBPT #7 : Starting a Revolution

Current Hosts of:

If you want more info on this awesome tour check it out here! Basically every Sunday for the summer I’ll be spotlighting a blogger because there are too many cool people out there that YOU need to know about.

This week is Amber and Jessica from The Book Bratz, or you may know them as the lovely ladies who hosted this blog tour! I asked them to do the Which YA Revolution Should You Join quiz on Epic Reads, and here are their results:

Jessica got: Fighting for District 13 from The Hunger Games!
Amber got: Revolutionary Order of the Wicked!

Some of the questions of the quiz include:
  • Who would you want fighting alongside you in the revolution?
  • Where’s your revolution headquarters?
  • What’s your role in the revolution?
  • Pick a Tom Cruise. (lol)
  • What are you fighting for?
  • What will you miss from your old life?
You should try the quiz too and share your results!
I got revolting against the queen in Red Queen!
Now about the hosts of this delightful tour:
Just two teenage girls who go by the names of Amber and Jessica. Our hobbies include reading books and fangirling about them on the Internet. 🙂
Check them out on their blog, Twitter, and Goodreads!

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