Book Boyfriends – Yay or Nay?

Earlier I saw a Tweet this week from a male blogger about how not every reader is a girl after posting a picture of a quiz titled “Who’s Your Book Boyfriend?”

That got me thinking: Why are “book boyfriends” so popular then? 

I mean, I guess there are many reasons for that, the least being that girls – females in general – tend to make a big deal out of things, which include liking a fictional character more than people in real life. I admit I like to overdramaticize a bit too, but why is it that they’re book boyfriends? Why not book best friends (BBF)? Book girlfriends? Etc.

Okay, I have an answer for the book girlfriend one too: guys don’t really see fictional characters as potential dates. Or at least not as often as girls. What can I say? We’re different genders and we focus on different things. Call it society, standards, or whatever else, rarely do you see a guy jumping up and down about a swoonworthy girl. (Commonly do you see a girl jumping up and down about a swoonworthy guy.)

But you see, me? I get the guys. I don’t see fictional characters as a potential love interest for MYSELF, much less a boyfriend. First of all, most of these “boyfriends” are already taken? Let’s take a look at some iconic ones:

  • Peeta (who’s with Katniss)
  • Four (who’s with Tris)
  • Augustus (who’s with Hazel)
  • Percy (who’s with Annabeth – OTP 5ever)
  • Daemon (who’s with Katy)

Let’s take a second look at how the love interests are main characters? Guys – why you tryna steal the main character’s bae? I don’t know about you guys but for me, I WANT the guys I like in fiction to get together with the girl he likes. It’s all fun and games in the end, but that doesn’t stop me from cringing every time a girl obsesses over her “book boyfriend.” (Trust me, it happens often.) It goes against the whole “OTP” idea since you’re pairing the person with you instead of the other fictional character written for them in the book.

I get obsessing over fictional guys. I don’t get wanting them as my boyfriend.

What about you guys? Are you saying “YAY” to book boyfriends or “NAY”? For me, I’d say yay if people also used the term “book best friend.” Just sayin’. 

And finally is a video I made where I go on a “date” with some iconic book boyfriends. Yes, it made me quite uncomfortable while acting but in the end I imagined I was roleplaying their love interest (which certainly helped). Do they end up well? Watch and find out!


7 thoughts on “Book Boyfriends – Yay or Nay?

  1. thenightgirl says:

    I’m definitely nay for book boyfriends. I never really understood the need for a term like that. Sure, I understand swooning over a character and stuff but I think book boyfriend is taking it a little too far. But alas, that’s just my opinion! Glad this topic was brought up.

      • thenightgirl says:

        I always feel like the oddball out when it comes to things like this in the book community. So happy to know that there are others that are just as confused.

  2. Sam says:

    I don’t refer to male fictional characters as my “book boyfriends” (I want them with the girl! I want the pairings to be happy together.) but I feel like when people call someone their book boyfriend they are more focused on the characteristics that they think would be desirable in a future boyfriend (or mabye not lol – thats just the first thing that came to my mind) Great & compelling post!

    • sourbamboo says:

      Very true, that’s a great take on things! I really hope that’s what girls are thinking, because the alternative isn’t that cool. (I want guys to end with the girls they like too!)

  3. Claudia Victoria says:

    Nice post! Personally I don’t get that whole “book boyfriend” thing going on. Yeah, they’re swoonworthy. Yeah, they’re pretty hot. BUT that’s in a fictional world, you know? I can’t see myself with any of them XD and I VASTLY prefer shipping them with their partner. They may be able to deal with their weird, paranormal-ly habits but I sure as hell can’t!

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