SBPT #4: Behind the Scenes on Writing

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Pamela from A Writer’s Tale is hear to regale us with the  story of her writing process. Let’s see the highlights of her writing and what’s happening behind the scenes of the overall outcome!

I’m a Pantser and the Great Middle is Evil

Writers often fall into one, if not two of these categories, there are the planners, and there are the pantsers. In a few more words, those who like to outline, and those who don’t. Of course it’s not that you have to be either one or the other, but it goes more or less like that.

There are ways in which a pantser can plan ahead the story, and there are ways in which a planner relaxes a bit and leaves some things to figure out later. I consider myself a pantser, after several failed attempts to build an outline. I can outline a paragraph, an essay, whatever you want for english class, but for the life of me,  I can’t outline my novel.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the exhilaration that comes from waiting for my next ‘vision’, which is how I like to call these super awesome flashes of inspiration in which I picture scenes in my head. But with the exhilaration, also comes uncertainty. How will I… connect all these fabulous but scattered ideas in order to create something that makes sense?

How will I go from point A, to point B? The Great Middle, or Second Act of a story is a really scary place. It’s where doubt is getting to me, and I have to keep reminding myself I can do this. I’ll get to the end. I’ll figure out this plothole. I’ll revise how the hell does this person can do this, and why this happens, and why that doesn’t, etc.

I often find myself wondering what events do I have to write in order to get to the end, and which ones will be amazing, and funny, or meaningful. I have no idea. I tell myself it doesn’t have to be perfect, and that I have to keep moving forward.

Which brings me to, THE BLOCK. Right now, the block for me isn’t not knowing what to write, is kinda… knowing but feeling too lazy to write it, which causes me to just put in like just 50 words per session. Shame on me.

A week or so ago, though, I created a new text sheet, and skipped this scene I’d been avoiding for days. I just started writing a kissing scene. I like kissing scenes. So, I was there singing ‘Hey Mama’ to myself and then after a few minutes, I decided that this thing would stay. I could use it. I knew exactly how to use it.

What I mean is, there’re a lot of writers that tell you to do this. When finding yourself with this problem, write whatever you want to summon inspiration. I’d done it several times, and it just summoned headaches, because the writing was so bad I wanted to go eat some ice cream. But now I see it’s not just about writing ‘whatever’. For me, writing a scene that I’d been waiting to write since I first started with the story, was it.

I think it’s important we discover those things about writing that make us happy when we’re in a bad place. Like the Middle. ESPECIALLY THE MIDDLE.

It’s evil.

So, I’m moving forward, planning just one step at a time. It’s like driving while it’s raining like the sky is falling, you can see, but if you try to see more than what’s right in front of you, further up the road, it’s blurry, and you can only get glimpses. It gets clearer the closer you get, though. And you feel more relaxed, because you can see where you’re going.

My wiper blades are working well so far, and I’m driving as fast as I can. I don’t turn back, but I do deviate from the way sometimes. Let’s say I have a map, with an origin and a destination, but no route, since I’m discovering it as I go.

It’s dangerous, but I know I can’t do it any other way.

That sounds like the best kind of journey, Pamela! Really love that blurry-road-metaphor. At this point, getting to the end’s the goal, right? Thanks for sharing with us!

You should check this writer AND blogger out at her blog and Twitter!


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