Life Updates: A Pause on Books Because I’m Traveling

Greetings, readers from across the world!

Well, at least I’m across the world. From our ever glorious United States to the tropical South Asian countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Maldives. Currently I’m in Vietnam and every day is a busy day.

Honestly, you never realize how much time you have in a day until you go traveling. We’ve seen SEVERAL different sites in a day… it’s pretty crazy.

With that in mind, it’s been too busy to really read for me. Bummer, because I really need to read something for the book tour I signed up for half a month ago. But I’m dedicated! It shall be done, and the book shall be reviewed by the deadline. Anyhow, I’m saving up on something, so I haven’t been ordering ebooks to read either. Thus, my reading list has been paused for the time being, other than my school-assigned books.

This is a sad update for the book part of me, but the traveling part of me is having the time of my life!

These were all taken in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I know, not exciting book news but this is just a reminder that I’m not dead! Just taking a break from reading as much as I would if not traveling.

(And I will still be reading other book blog’s posts of course.)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, whether bookish or not!


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