Summer Blog Promo Tour 2015

Woo! Summer is here, and the Summer Blogger Promo Tour has come with it!

This is my first time participating, and I’m so pumped. I know the posts don’t start until July, but I already have some pretty cool ideas for each blogger in my group. (Btw, we’re probably the best group out there – shh, don’t tell anyone else!)

Thanks Amber and Jessica from the Book Bratz for organizing this – I mean DUDE, 56 people joined! They had to organize these stops for 56 different blogs blerghhhh thinking about it gives me a migraine.

What is this even about? Well, head over to this link to check it out. We’re basically promo-ing the other bloggers in our groups, which I don’t mind because they all seem like chill people. (Like I said, GROUP C BEST GROUP.)

Here’s a hint for my guest posts: they all have to do with the blog names. Well, I’m planning on doing it like that, anyway, but I’m also getting suggestions from the blogger themselves. These are my stop dates:

Sunday July 5
Dawn @ Bang Bang Books

Sunday July 12
Dana the Square @ Dana Square

Sunday July 19
Kristie @ Lost in Ever After

Sunday July 26
Pamela @ The Writer’s Tales

Sunday August 2
Mishma @ Chasing Faerytales 

Sunday August 9
Mimi @ M & Em Read YA

Sunday August 16 
Amber and Jessica @ The Book Bratz

Sunday August 23
Bayram @ Never Ending Books 

Note how all the dates are on Sundays! It literally ends the day before school starts for me next school year lmao.

Well, that’s my update on the week. School ended on Wednesday and I’m heading over to China next week to visit my dad. I’m making my godmom pick up the book packages that come in and take pictures of them for me so I don’t miss out. e-Readers and I will become best friends throughout the trip, since it’ll be a month and a half long. See ya soon, lovely travelers of the interwebs!


3 thoughts on “Summer Blog Promo Tour 2015

    • sourbamboo says:

      Omg, next year this happens, I’ll definitely be alerting you! I only know about it because I follow the hosts of Twitter lol. (Seriously, so much is happening on that site.)

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