Reality takes my hopes away once again

Recently I’ve realized how much time I’ve been investing in books rather than studying.

Studying for what?

End of Course exams, semester exams, and AP exams. That’s what I call an examcolon. (Haha get it? A tricolon but with exams. Ah I’m so tired please sympathize.)

Basically I’m saying that if you see a drag in reviews, then it’s 105% likely that the only thing I’ve been reading is my textbooks and AP review books. But the good thing is, I have some reviews scheduled too. :’) Now I can say I passed out trying.

Me this month and next.

So April should be the only month you’ll see a lag in since after the first week of May I should be


Let’s see how it goes, and I’ll still be posting. Just not as much as I hope. 😦 Then again, I’ll always be posting one on Friday! Because I love Fridays and I just deserve a break on those days. 🙂

Thanks for listening in on this if you actually read it and happy reading! 😀




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