Top Ten Tuesday (#3)

imgTop Ten Tuesday is created by The Broke and the Bookish and features top ten lists of different categories. 

Ten Book Related Problems I Have:
(I have problems all the time so this wasn’t too hard to come up with.)

10. Finding the nearest available bookmark.
I’m not a big user of bookmarks, so usually I find the most convenient thing near me as one. Sometimes I’ll have to memorize pages but I usually forget them haHA. Maybe I should get legit bookmarks.

9. People disrupting my reading time. 
When people try to strike up conversations while I’m reading? Big no-no. Leave. Can’t you see I’m busy? Some people enjoy reading in this world.

8. Keeping books in good condition. 
When you try so hard, but you don’t succeed… (from Coldplay.)
But I honestly try really hard to keep my books in tip-top (is that a word?) shape. If not, my heart just tears itself apart. Bent book cover? Cringe. Lines on the spine of a paperback? Cringe. Dents on a hardcover? Cringe. Water marks on pages? Cringe. Doggy-ears? Cringe. You get the idea.

7. Deciding which edition of a book to buy.
Do I want the cheap one? Oh but the special collector’s edition has extra content! Did I like the book that much, or should I get an ebook and save a couple of bucks? Paperback vs. hardcover, which one is worth it? They released three different covers? Which ones are consistent throughout the series? WHICH SHOULD I BUY?

6. Recommending really good books to uninterested people.
When I’m excited about something and my friend’s like
It makes me want to cry! But that’s alright because I just rant about it to my online friends who actually like books.

5. Trying to accept other people’s (different) views on mine.
I get that everyone has their own opinion, but it still makes me kind of sad when another person I admire and I have different views on a book. Actually, this usually happens to book I like and they didn’t like. Then I’m like, “Aww I’m sorry you can’t see why I like it so much.” If it’s the other way I’d just be like, “Ha you have fun with that book then.”

4. Being broke because books.
BASICALLY MY LIFE. Why they so expensive. Why authors, why? Why I no win in giveaways? Why random generators, why? This is why I need a good job so I can build a library next to my house okay thanks.

3. Waiting for the next book in a series to come out.
Usually it’s a year. Sometimes I’ll forget about a book and then it’ll be like, “It published? Yay!” Other times I’m anticipating it in the beginning of every month like “Six more months! Five more months!” etc.
When it’s more than a year?

2. Waiting for an author to release a new book.
New book? New series? All from an author I really liked? Whenwillitcomeout?
Honestly, this makes me more excited than waiting for books in a series to come out because new material is gr9. I love seeing authors come up with so many ideas!

1. Attempting to eat while reading.
Despite this ending in failure every time, somehow I still try to do it. Beware of crumbs getting stuck in spines, liquids dropping on the delicate pages, and grease from the table on the cover. Wow, this makes me seem like such a slop haha. I’m getting better at eating more daintily, at least!

What are some book problems that you have to deal with? Comment below so we can complain about it together! 


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