Amy Tintera – Rebel (Reboot #2)


Wren Connolly thought she’d left her human side behind when she dies five years ago and came back 178 minutes later as a Reboot. With her new abilities of strength, speed, and healing—along with a lack of emotions—Wren 178 became the perfect soldier for HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation). Then Callum 22 came along and changed everything.

Now that they’ve both escaped, they’re ready to start a new life in peace on the Reboot reservation. But Micah 163, the Reboot running the reservation, has darker plans in mind: to wipe out the humans. All of them. Micah has been building a Reboot army for years and is now ready to launch his attack on the cities. Callum wants to stick around and protect the humans. Wren wants nothing more than to leave all the fighting behind them.

With Micah on one side, HARC on the other, and Wren and Callum at odds in the middle, there’s only one option left…

It’s time for Reboots to become rebels.

This book was a great conclusion to the Reboot series! Amy Tintera really packed a solid debut, and I’ll definitely be looking out for her new books soon.

In Reboot, we’re introduced to a world where kids are able to be “Rebooted” with a stronger, faster body. The longer it takes for you to Reboot, the more less human you are (or so it’s said). Our main character Wren stayed dead for 178 minutes before Rebooting, while Callum was only dead for 22 minutes. This may seem like they are totally different, but despite the fact, they end up together and escape the facility that contained them with a bunch of other Reboots. However, at the Reboot reservation center where they end up in, things aren’t what they seem.

What I liked:
– Alternate POVs.
This time we get to look at the story through Callum’s perspective as well as Wren’s. It was great to read about what’s going on in each character’s heads, and how they come to terms with the situation around them. Callum starts realizing that he is so much more than what his number, twenty-two, shows him to be. Wren starts to find a balance between good and wrong, black and white as she questions the moral in killing people, even in self-defense.

– A nice romance that didn’t overtake the plot.
Although the romance was a large aspect of the book, not once did I feel like there was too much of it going on. I think it was a perfect blend of romance and action. Callum and Wren’s relationship didn’t dominate the book and was well-balanced. They disagreed sometimes, yes, but in the end it just adds more depth to their relationship. They were so compatible, and I think this quote said by Callum explains them perfectly:
“I plan, you do the punching-people-in-the-face part.”

– Empathetic antagonist.
Ultimately, the goal is to get rid of HARC, the Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation, but our characters get into some trouble along the way. Micah is trying to not only destroy HARC, but the entire human civilization – paving the way for Reboots. This may sound wickity-wack and out of hand, but his reasons are quite logical, and even Wren agrees with it at first.
“‘I made a really difficult choice, but I truly think it was the right one.’ He took in a breath. ‘Do you see my point?’
I absolutely saw his point.”
We get a glimpse of Micah’s background and what went down that made him so cynical, which allowed me to understand him more. (Better than having an insane controller without a sad background.)

– The ending was conclusive and satisfying.

What I didn’t like:

– Was there anything that bothered me? Either there was nothing, or I can’t recall because of the exorbitant amount of good stuff going on in the book that made me forget it.

Recommended for:

Science fiction and dystopian readers, and people who like action and rebellions against organizations as well as a nice romantic subplot. Read Rebel first though, because it’ll help you understand what’s happening and the characters involved.

Rating: 4/5


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