Neal Shusterman – Undivided (Unwind #4)


Teens control the fate of America in the fourth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman.

Proactive Citizenry, the company that created Cam from the parts of unwound teens, has a plan: to mass produce rewound teens like Cam for military purposes. And below the surface of that horror lies another shocking level of intrigue: Proactive Citizenry has been suppressing technology that could make unwinding completely unnecessary. As Conner, Risa, and Lev uncover these startling secrets, enraged teens begin to march on Washington to demand justice and a better future.

But more trouble is brewing. Starkey’s group of storked teens is growing more powerful and militant with each new recruit. And if they have their way, they’ll burn the harvest camps to the ground and put every adult in them before a firing squad—which could destroy any chance America has for a peaceful future.

I haven’t stepped out of the house the whole day.

I’ve been sitting on my ass for a good 13 hours (or laying on my belly) reading the second, third, and last book of this dystology.

I ruthlessly shoved this series into my friend’s head and made her read it, much to her enjoyment.

It’s 2:24 am on Saturday night and I’m still not over the Unwind dystology.

This gif pretty much sums up my emotions

Where do I start? When you read almost all the books at once, there’s a point where they aren’t separate books anymore but a whole story. So, I’ll try to get around covering only the last book (if I can. There are probably major spoilers right now but why would you be reading this review if you weren’t expecting any.) .

Immediately we’re pulled into the non-stop action of the plot from the POVs of different characters. Now here’s a good one – different point of views. I happen like this type of writing because I get to be in the heads of all the characters, but here’s what usually happens:

I’m reading along and something climactic is happening or I’m just enjoying a certain character’s narrative when suddenly the chapter ends and I look at the next title to see the name of a character I really, really, don’t want to read about.
And having different POVs mean that we’re almost guaranteed that we’ll be going back to that character.

BUT throughout the whole series, there was not a POV that I did not appreciate. All of them were interesting, and were part of a complex, intricate plot that came together in a satisfying twist.

Speaking of twists, this book series was full of them! It really kept me guessing. (But was I really guessing? Honestly I might have just been too swept up in the action to really consider any possible future events.)

The angst is real when we start this book up.

First we have the dynamic duo, Argent Skinner: disciple of notorious parts pirate, and Jasper T. Nelson: said parts pirate. They may be “dynamic” but they certainly aren’t a “duo,” if Nelson had his way… Being parts pirates, they capture AWOLs and sell them through the black market for their own advantage. Although they both have personal vendettas against our hero Connor Lassiter, one of them turns out not to be as cold-hearted as his situation would have him to be, and his actions towards the end prove it.

Next we are thrown into the antiquities shop owned by Sonia, where an amazing discovery is made – one that would change the course of their society as it is. One of their objectives was to make it useable, which is exactly what Grace does.

Ahh, Grace, one of the jewels in the story. She hopped along with Connor for the ride in the third book, but makes her presence well-known by the end of the last. On first glance, she seems to be quite dim-witted and slow – when in fact her mind is full of strategy and has saved our main characters’ lives more than once. She is definitely an asset in the team, and without her and what she did, unwinding would have been less easy to resist among the general public.

Cam is back in the clutches of the Proactive Citizenry, which is not a philanthropic organization like advertised but in the heart of all the chaos. They’re kinda like a web that starts out from a central core but goes around creating different organizations under different names, funding rebels for their own advantage, and erasing anything that would be a detriment to their version of a democracy. Cam is erased of his memories of Lisa, but he still knows there was a Girl whom he fought for. However, as he plans the downfall of the people who created him, Cam must also decide if he should do it for The Girl or himself.

Lev is still with the Native American ChanceFolk tribe Arápuche, but he’s also doing his fill of the work there too. Yes, the tribe is able to harbor AWOLs, but their decision is unclear, and Lev makes it his job to make them proclaim their side of being against unwinds. I find it adorable that his spirit animal is the kinkajou, but it fits him so well! Look at these eyes!!
Let’s not forget our Stork Lord, Starkey, and his Stork Brigade which is currently composed of Hayden, Bam, Jeevan, and a multitude of kids he rescued from harvest camps. Even as Starkey forces his violence and aggression on other people, you can’t help but feel sympathy for him. On why he’s become like that, and his desperate need for authority and fame. His character is quite realistic considering the situation that’s currently happening, and I can see someone like Starkey emerging as either a beacon of hope or a reason for loathing in the midst of the unwinding chaos.

Another addition that I really enjoyed in the books were the articles before every “Part” of the book. It’s kinda scary reading these articles, that are real, and seeing how it corresponds to the situations in the book. Check out this super interesting one about human art:

Shusterman also has propaganda spread throughout the chapters that spiced things up and introduced some bills and quotes that effectively showed what was going on in the background while the characters were trying to fight for justice.

So as you can probably tell, a lot is happening during the book. NOT recommended to read by itself. Why would you do that, anyway? That would be like watching the last 30 minutes of a 2.5 hour thriller. No thank you! Now do yourself a favor and pick up Unwind! (That is, if you’re interested in an action-packed, meaningful, thrilling adventure that leaves you at the edge of your seat. If not, then whatever floats your boat.)

That ending was so satisfying!! If you like good, solid conclusions to your series, then take this one up. In so many young adult novels an author will somehow screw up the last book of an incredible series. No-siree to this one, it leaves no strings unattached and really gives you the feeling of conclusion. It was glorious.


And can I just say how happy I am that they’re making a movie out of this series??? My life will be complete when it comes out. On the website the producers even say,

“What is critical to us is that we stay as close to the storyline as we can … Rest assured, we will not stop until we collectively feel we can do justice to Neal’s original story.”

Oh yes, it will be a fine day indeed when I see that movie.

Rating: 5/5


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