Anna Banks – Of Poseidon

Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen—literally, ouch!—both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma’s gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom…

Told from both Emma and Galen’s points of view, here is a fish-out-of-water story that sparkles with intrigue, humor, and waves of romance.

Basically when I think of mermaids it’s like


kinda? In the book they’re described as having shark-like fins rather than those scaly goldfish ones.

So anyway, Of Poseidon was another book by an author that came to my school. (yasss i have a signed copy of this too!) It was another really fun, really fast read filled with romance and adventure, as well as some mystery!

Let’s get a look on the characters:

Galen – Mr. Prince merman syrena. (They don’t like to be called merpeople) He’s so adorable!! I’ll admit, he had kind of an insta-crush on our main character Emma and in the beginning pulls off some stalker-ish moves, but it was all really sweet and not super obsessive and dangerous like some other young adult books.

Emma – Half-syrena and Half-human, she has the gift of Poseidon and they spend like the first half of the book figuring out the first part. I really enjoyed how the relationship between her and Rayna, Galen’s twin sister, developed from disdain to female companionship. Emma’s super funny! Her dialogue reminds me a lot of Anna Bank’s wit and sarcasm (omg this woman is so funny i cannot) and she didn’t make me angry/annoyed, like many female leads out there in young adult books.

Rayna – Galen’s twin sister who’s tough and all on the outside, but a total softie on the inside. She’s mated with Toraf, the best “Tracker” in their kingdom, but she doesn’t want it (which starts a kinship with Emma). It’s obvs that she likes the dude, though. She really likes to talk and is kinda annoying (sounds like me lol).

Toraf – So each Syrena has this “Pulse” that lets the others know when they’re close and the like, and the Syrena can track others with this pulse. Toraf is a really incredible Tracker in the kingdom and helps out on land with the rest of the crew.

So the beginning is really awkward imo. I wasn’t like totally cringing but it seriously crossed my mind to stop reading (thank god i didn’t). Basically Emma bumps into Galen, and she’s thinking for like half a page (I hate it when they do that like guRLLLL do somethING or I WILL) and then Galen’s like staring at her the whole time and it’s like lol ok now what. But then things start happening and woww he realizes she has the Gift of Poseidon?? Sweet but at the same time there’s this instant attraction and it’S REALLY CUTE HOW HE DEALS WITH IT OKAY, like getting advice from Toraf and being conflicted but ugh they are just so adorable stop.

Very early in the book, a good friend of Emma’s, Chloe, dies from a shark attack (like the second chapter). I really liked how Emma dealt with her death (omg this sounds so morbid). She mourned for some chapters, but then picked herself up and told herself how Chloe wouldn’t have let her stayed that way. She’s not forgotten about, either. Even in the second book there’s a mention of Chloe’s death that helps Emma solve another situation. I really liked her character development over the first (and second) book!

Despite every time someone does something against “Syrena law,” there’s not a lot of consequences going on lol. (I just noticed that in the first and second book)

Okay so having the Gift of Poseidon shows Emma’s from the kingdom of Poseidon, while the other members of our crew are from the kingdom of Triton, which they were supposed to unite under the marriage of Grom, Galen’s older brother, and the heir of the Poseidon kingdom, Nalia. Unfortunately, Nalia died and her dad got really angry and refused to get more heirs so whoops guess that alliance is a no-go. But since Emma is probably from the kingdom of Poseidon, that means she would have to marry Grom, and Galen’s like “I love her! But my kingdom….” and I really liked that whole kingdom v. love thing! In the end, it all works out fine and dandy (in the second book actually…) But yeah, Galen was really easy to relate to despite being a merman Syrena.

Another problem was figuring out how to heck Emma was a Syrena?? She has the Gift, but she’s still different than other mermaids. Her heart doesn’t beat as fast as humans, but not as slow as Syrena. Her hair is pretty much white, with violet eyes and pale skin. Violet eyes are common for Syrena, but they usually have olive skin and black hair so that really stumped them. She also doesn’t have a fin!!!!11 WHoAaA1!!!! (I thought this was pretty cool) Turns out Emma’s a Half-Breed (which, ofc, is looked down upon under the sea).

So this first book of the Syrena legacy is super cute and fluffy (i read it in the car lol) and deals with characters that discover themselves, as well as a whole new world under the sea. I’m really glad there wasn’t a lot of drama either! The characters’ wit and dialogue really keep the book going, as well as the whole thing behind Syrenas. It was an honor to meet the author, too!

Rating: 4

More cool mermaid pics!!!!11 thEY’RE SO PRETTY


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